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understatement. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for you're watching the station that work for you, now, good morning maryland. today the bars a nuisance to neighbors became a crime scene. one person stabbed to death. >> and a week after republicans had the convention the damns take centstage. we will see how charlotte is getting ready. >> and racing took over baltimore city streets. we will hear from fans and their excitement following the second grand prix race. those stories straight ahead on this monday september 3rd. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. happy labor day. hopefully you are up early and you have the day off.
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if you do, you want to know how the weather is going to be. >> lynette is standing by with a look at the forecast you did good this weekend. >> i tried. we have a few showers but for the most part the weekend was on the dry side. maryland's most powerful radar and on this labor day we are seeing a few showers work their way into the picture especially around cecil county this morning. elkton you can see along i-95 around port deposit. all this is going to move off towards the north and east but you could see another round going into the morning and the afternoon so scattered showers off and on throughout the day. we will see plenty of cloud around for today as well. right now, the temperatures in middletown 71 degrees. 75 in edgewater and northville coming in at 71. temperatures have been held up because of the cloud cover and we are dealing with patchy fog out there. we can see lots of saturation across northville this morning. take it easy as you head out and b and this is what we are work with as we head through the hour by out forecast for today. off and on showers as we go throughout the day. by lunchtime, temperatures at
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79 degrees. temperatures today a little below where we should be for this time of the year. someone killed at tee bee's place but the victim was a employee. in july a man was killed in that parking lot. this morning, sherrie johnson is here with the latest and we understand people in the past have been complaining about this bar. >> reporter: that's right. we have learned that the victim tavares jones was a security guard for 6 years. neighbors hoped the fatal stabbing will catch the attention county leaders to shut the bar down. 38-year-old jones was trying to break up a fight early saturday morning when he was stabbed to death. violence at this bar is nothing new. in july, baltimore county police reported a homicide in the parking lot. neighbors in the parkville community say the bar is a constant problem and in fact they have writent councilman but never got a response. on sunday night -- written their councilman but never got a response. they gathered to remember jones and neighbors want the bar
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jones jones' family begged for help to find the killer. >> anyone that knows anything possible that can bring forward the person that did this to my baby son at that vares jones, -- tavares jones please come forward. >> for a bar that dangerous, and that has had as many problems as its had there, it should be closed. >> reporter: abc2 news asked thers if they could offer surveillance video but theywouldn't comment. they don't have a suspect in the case. jones leaves behind a 4-year- old son and 8-year-old daughter. sherri -- sherrie yonson abc2 -- johnson abc2 news. last night firefightersraced to a home after reports of a fire and thick smoke from a house. they found a man who may have fractured his leg trying to rescue his elderly neighbor. they found a woman dead of smoke inhalation and burns. >> we learned this was an 88-
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year-old woman that lives with other relatives in the home but no one else was in the home at the time. >> they are trying to figure out how it started and if there were working smoke detectors in the house. the two alarm fire gutted the family owned place on north point road. there were 30 people inside when someone noticed smoke coming from the basement. everyone made it out but the building was severely damaged. and when he gets out of the hospital he is going to yale. police shot a guy several -- jail. police shot a guy several times in the lower body. special city police unit say they noticed a man looks like he had a gun. he took off. police went into a house after him and they say that's when hereached in his waistband and pulled out of a gun. ness stable condition this morning. he is now facing several charges. and the violence continued with another shooting just after 2 in the morning sunday. police say 22-year-old larelle amos was at party at the
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alameda and pronounced dead. she was standing in the front yard of the house where the party was being held and don't think she was the target. so far there's no motive or any suspects just yet. the ravens set to kick off against the bengal at bank next monday but not before shoring up the defense. baltimore announced the weekend signing of safety james ihedigbo he played 12 games with the patriots last year but was cut friday. he was with the new york jets prior to that. and o's continue e road trip north of the border in toronto after a weekend series win over the yankees in the bronx and orioles took 2 of 3 and the weekend belong to mark reynolds. baltimore's first baseman homered twice in friday's win and twice yesterday in the 8 3- victory. orioles cut new york city to the 2 games in the al east. they come back thursday and a 4-
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game weekend set with new york could have major implications on al eastern race. we don't know for a while and won't know for a while how big the grand prix crowd was. but it did feel smaller than last year. the group that put the race on are not saying how many tickets were sold. less people are not seeing downtown looked like this transformed into a racetrack is something fans loved. >> yeah. they are kind of loud. >> a lot of horsepower and i am here to watch some wrecks. >> great weather and sunshine is not too bad and it's a beautiful day and we have good action in front of us. things calling off farce and cars spinning out. it's a lot fun. >> this year baltimore grand prix was won by ryan hunter. and they say on thursday, ryan hunter held a yellow party to raise money for the live strong and oman counselser foundation. pret byey decent weekend
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weather wise but the flooding in dc prompted the closure of metro transit stations. the rain and thunderstorms are likely for today and isolated flash flooding could be a problem in the next few days. all right that's true charley as we head through the day. we have a chance for more scattered showers andthunderstorms to work their way in here. and under the thunderstorms we could get heavy rain put down. as of now, we are looking at a few showers around cecil county. traveling towards elkton along i-95 be prepared for that. talking about the remnants of isaac and it's spinning across the ohio valley and will slide off towards the east and we will get some of that rain the remnants in here as we go through today, tomorrow and basically through the week. we are working with stalled out front around virginia. and that's going to add to the rainfall totals as we go through time. temperature wise this morning, though, well above average. good morning edgewood at 74 -- 74. 73 in stevensville. chesapeake beach at 73.
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hanover. westminster and also megan. days before the national convention gets underway democrats spent the weekend out on the stump. joe biden was in pennsylvania and wisconsin and the president continued his road to charlotte tour taking him through colorado and louisiana before the final stop in north carolina. we have the story. >> reporter: with dnc preparations in full swing, this week it's all about the democrats. downtown charlotte north carolina is getting ready for the convention. meanwhile, advisers to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. >> when he took office shortly after his inog ration he said if he didn't have this economy turned around in three years, his presidency would be a one- term proposition. the economy has not turned around. >> in tampa we saw nothing but insults and old slogans and tired old ideas. in charlotte, the president is going to focus on a plan to
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provide the middle class in the country necessary and needed security by investing in research and invasion and strengthen the middle class. >> reporter: president oballotta winding down the road to -- obama winding down the road to charlotte tour made comments. >> they don't work didn't work then won't work now they didn't create jobs or cut the deficit and they are not a plan to move this country forward. and we believe in something better. >> reporter: campaigning in pennsylvania, vice president biden took aim at the romney campaign's 5 point economic plan. >> it won't grow the economy. it didn't do it before. folks, we have seen this movie before. and we know how it ends. >> reporter: president obama will make his final stop incharlotte and hold the big dnc speech at the bank of america stadium thursday night. hundreds of acres are scoreed of as wild fires continue to burn out west. it is happening this morning. >> the -- scorched as wild
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fires continue to burn out out west. it is happening this morning. >> you can hear chants of we are. they showed up that didn't help the team's performance but what did it do for the community? >> a father delivers a big surprise to his kids showing up for one of their football games a live look at times square in new york as we go to break.
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make headlines around the nation this morning, hundreds of firefighters are battling a wild fire that burped a thousand acres. this is in california's san gabriel mown int -- mountain near glendora. 1500 people were evacuated including people in a mobile home community and a rehab center. firefighters used air tankers and helicopters to help fight the fire. right now the cause of the fire which has been named the william fire is unknown. so far there are no reports of
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any injuries. soldiers came home early from afghanistan and pulled off two surprises. sergeant shannon taylor has been away for nearly a year and after coming home early took the opportunity to surprise both of his kids. his daughter was the first to get the good news and then off to his son's school who said he wanted his dad to see him play football and dad was all too happy. a double surprise leaving one family happy. >> a sad sight in florida within two dozen whales got stranded on a beech. so much volunteers showed up to try to save them. they were found trapped along the beach. this is in fort pierce. rescue officials erected tents over the mammals and poured water on top of them. wildlife authorities are investigating how they beached themselves. and penn state fans kicked off the start of the football season this weekend saturday season opener against ohio university to mark a new chapter in penn state football. it's the first time they have
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opened a season without former head football coach joe paterno. he was fired after administration officials said that he didn't do enough in the wake of injury sandusky's sex -- jerry sandusky's sex abuse scandal and in july the ncaa said they had to vacate all wins because of the troffersy. penn state lost to ohio -- controversy. penn state lost to eeye -- to ohio university. look at this. artists of all ages took part in a sand castle building competition. they brought in nearly 300 tons of sand for the contest. grand prize 20 grand. competitors will be building the sculptures throughout the day. if you are heading out to ocean city for the last chance to go to the beach, there's a little inspiration. >> weather not the best but it's the beachp you know what i am saying? -- beach. you know what i am saying? we are going to have the clouds hovering and showers out there. this morning, temperatures held up a bit because we have the
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clouds and we could get thunderstorms in here as well. and as we head through the rest of labor day, this is what we are looking at right now. temperatures in ijamsville around 72. pylesville more of the same. 75 in shady side and we are dealing with an eastern wind and that's basically what's going to keep us on the unsettled side for today as well. we can see about 5 miles an hour btimore also dc and york and hagerston but that's going to be the -- hagerstown but that's going to be the direction and that's the direction that keeps you unsettled and in the clouds and that's when we are seeing this morning. that's what we will see as we go into the afternoon. satellite and radar picking up on that. we are tracking the tropics and we do have tropical storm leslie out there. those winds sustained at about 60 miles an hour. it's moving to the north, northwest at 7 miles an hour. and it's headed towards bermuda and will stay away from us. but going to the beaches in the next few days or so, be careful of high waves and rip currents. we will keep you updated on the information because leslie is
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forecasted to become a hurricane as we go through the next couple days as well. so we look at the satellite and radar, too and showing setup for today. -- showing the set upfor today, we have a station -- setup for today, we have a stationary front in virginia. remnants of isaac the counterclockwise spin will move off to the east. with the stationary front and isaac, that will give us the chance for showers and thunderstorms throughout today, next day and the through the week we will see clouds and scattered showers and storms off and on. it's not going to be an all day event. but we look at your future trend and the rain is around as we go through the morning. we get a little break but then it comes back in into the afternoon and the evening. so the compute home today if you have to go to work could be a little on the dicey side. if not you are in the clear. 82 degrees for today is what i am going w we have the patchy fog this -- with. we have the patchy fog this morning. 72 and balmy and humidity will continue as we go in through tomorrow and here's the 7-day
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forecast for you. as we will begin to dry out a little bit as we head towards the end of the week but looks like we have unsettled weather as we go into next weekend. over to you. 4:46. five things to know as you head out on this labor day. president obama is scheduled to travel to louisiana to meet with people regarding isaac. he is scheduled to attend a briefing with local officials down there and tour the flood damaged areas especially in st. john's the baptist parish. friends and family will pay respects to navy skill killed in afghanistan. patrick feck's body will leave dover air fos base and make its way along route 50 and route 2around 9:30. as the ravens kick off the regular season they are set to talk to the media. this morning they will hear from the players that's take to the podium before the afternoon meeting and on tuesday john harbaugh will hold the first regular press conference. and this labor day which means the government offices are closed. no trash or recycling for today. citizen drop off centers and
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yards are closed too. you don't have to feed the parking meters if you head downtown. but also, no mail today either. moving is never easy but we will see how hard it is for people who work at air squareium but the -- aquarium. they are removing the 400 pound turtle. >> off to a new home. >> that's right. >> help wanted is a sure sign the u.s. economy could be recovering. >> yeah. but when it comes to wages, how much are you really going make with the new jobs? >> and people had to watch where they were stepping this weekend. we will take you to the show and this one is all about fido. ñ[=
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the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices
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with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at news around the world we have a lot going on.
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two bombs explode near syria's military office in the centraldamascus wounding four army offices and causing damage to the building and cars. twin blast were the latest in a wave of bombings that hit da mack cuss in months of clashes between the government troops and rebels reaching the capital. protesters were in full force in hong kong. at issue of naturalization of pry parry school curriculum. booklet is titled china model including chin' ruling party isselfless and united and criticizes multiparty systems as bringing disaster. some say the curriculum is brainwashing children. something is stewing in japan has been throughout the weekend. literally. volunteers cooking stew with tons of beef potatoes and leeks to feed thousands. people showed up with their appetites at an annual event in
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northern japan. it consisted of 1.2 tons of beef, three tons potatoe and 3500 leeks many evacuees from the fukushima event volunteered. they are inspecting the ingredients for radiation levels due to concerns about contamination about the nuclear disaster last year. check out the tv because people in poland had to watch their step as the city hosted the 18th annual sausage dog parade. the dog and their owners strutted through the streets with hundreds of people and tourists lining in route and, of course, the dogs they were the one who is led the way. the finale of dress competition to would be astronauts and a hot dog were among the crowd favorites. but they were upstaged by a four legged -- upstaged by a four legged dog in a sombrero and poncho who took the top prize. >> how well behaved they are is
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what stunned. stuns me. they aren't barring at one another -- barking at one another. now over to lynette. it's probably too warm for most dogs to wear a costume. >> yeah. it's on the warm side. will only time i dress double up is in the wintertime. we are warm already. look at temperatures at the airport. 75 and we do have advice interissues this morning only -- dis-- visibilities issues this morning only 4 miles manyrise at 6:337 and head -- 6:36 and heading out to the beach, not the best beach day. we can see the fog this morning. temperatures at the water around 76, 77. ocean city around 80. and atlantic city around 80. we are at the beach so no complaints. maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we see scattered showers popping up especially around cecil county this morning. that's going to be the name of the game even sliding down into kent county and even caroline county and queen ann's county getting in on the light rain
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and off and on scattered showers through the rest of today. over to you. as people head back to their homes in the gulf region they hope there's something still left. this after hurricane isaac tore through the area. they are returning also in oppressive heat and today the president will be in the area as well. last week's storm left behind plenty of damage and there's now the task of cleaning up. >> reporter: for some rebuilding time for the second time in 7 years. first it was hurricane katrina and now it's isaac. >> we are pretty -- the roof came off and water leaked in from the roof and he took down the sealants and furniture and flood water basically totaled the house. >> reporter: authorities dropped a mappedtory evac dx -- mandatory evacuation order for those threatened by a trained lock and canal but they recommended people stay away. >> it means a lot. >> reporter: sunday homeland security secretary visited th

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